A Necessarily Flawed Guide For Epidemic Times


by Linda Jaques, patient #13049-8

. . . . "the rest of us" being the millions of present and future cancer patients who feel that America's commercially-beholden, government-gagged and failure-prone oncology doesn't have all their cancer answers. With an increasingly health-savvy population dreading the treatment grind, with most protocols still stuck on Poison and Radiate, and with glossy PR training us not to notice how bad cancer care still really is – it's time for a leap forward in our cancer thinking and our cancer actions.

The ugliest truths about cancer remain largely unexamined – medicated into silence, misrepresented in the media's slow feed of progress reports, or obscured by a pink screen of industry manipulated 'awareness'. History explains how we got into this healthcare mess, and why a bullish yet stunted cancer science still masquerades today as America's best, more than forty years after Nixon declared war against this disease. Meanwhile there really are effective, non-toxic ways to fight and prevent cancer.

Written for people who want to help themselves, by an independent cancer industry analyst who's seen it up close from the wrong end of a chemo drip, Cancer For The Rest of Us covers all of this and much more in a thought-provoking and practical narrative. There's no other cancer book like it.

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