CANCER FOR THE REST OF US can be ordered here:

At that site you can sample the book by downloading the first 16% of the text for free. Reading the Table of Contents and Introduction will give you a good sense of the scope and nature of the book. A significant portion of Section I, The Big Picture, From A Questioning Perspective, is included in the free download. Section II, Cancer Treatment, Boots on the Ground, and Section III, Cancer-Fighting Actions You Can Take Now, are not included in the free download.

It's twelve dollars.

Knowing that each reader has different interests and needs, I've provided some ways to help locate pertinent information without having to search through it all. That dreaded diagnosis makes us all feel like we've got a fire that needs to be put out fast, and while there may be sections of the book that we'd find interesting, we just don't have the time to spend on anything other than the practical hands-on info we can act on now. To this end, read 'Suggestions For Navigating This Material' at the beginning of the book. And in Chapter 12 read the section 'In A Hurry?' That section links to lists in the book which you may find helpful in examining your situation, in clarifying your cancer fighting position, and in selecting certain actions, supplements and treatments and looking at the supporting science.